WF&F attorneys are mindful that third parties responsible for a loss should be held liable.   To protect our clients, we always include comments in our evaluations and reports on potential subrogation recovery and provisions preserving these rights in any settlement documents.  

We also offer subrogation recovery as one of WF&F’s practice groups.  Our clients entrust their subrogation recoveries to this group because of our proven success in finding liability and  finding insurance and/or assets for payment of the recoveries.   We understand that successful recovery requires prompt and accurate investigations and preservation of evidence.  WF&F has the resources and experience to pursue subrogation claims aggressively and expeditiously.  This group understands the complex causation issues and crafts nuanced theories of recovery with success in arbitration forums and courts of law.
Cost-effectiveness is important to our clients and we appreciate that pursuit of all possible claims is not always in their best interest.  We therefore communicate openly with our clients and offer them a realistic and thorough assessment of the likelihood of recovery.   We also offer alternative billing arrangements for subrogation, including contingency. 

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